Carna Biosciences, Inc.

Carna Biosciences, Inc.

Discovering and Developing Innovative Therapies for Patients


Carna has leveraged its expertise in kinase biology to establish an innovative product pipeline focused on cancer and immune disorders. We achieve success by coupling our deep understanding of cell signaling with our extensive drug discovery expertise to generate therapeutics that inhibit kinases and provide new treatment options for patients with high unmet medical needs.



Carna has developed a robust screening engine that makes it possible to identify new generation of kinase inhibitor drugs to treat patients afflicted with serious diseases.


Carna is interested in partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop our drug candidates. Carnaʼ s powerful kinase drug discovery engine drives our pipeline expansion and the establishment of high-value partnerships.
Our drug discovery programs begin with screening our vast lead-like compound library, followed by kinase profiling to select lead candidates and optimize chemistry to identify highly selective drug candidates.