Carna is interested in partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop our drug candidates. Carna’s powerful kinase drug discovery engine drives our pipeline expansion and the establishment of high-value partnerships. Our drug discovery programs begin with screening our vast lead-like compound library, followed by kinase profiling to select lead candidates, then optimization chemistry to identify highly selective drug candidates. We have established a collection of libraries consisting of kinase-focused and diverse-set compounds in order to maximize the success rate of screening. Carna’s CaRSKi, COPKi, CALKi, and CaPBA technologies, in combination with strategic synthetic and medicinal chemistry, uniquely position us to effectively design highly selective and effective inhibitors of kinase targets.

Carna has signed partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies including, Johnson & Johnson, Sierra Oncology, and Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma.

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