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QuickScout Screening Assist™ TR-FRET Assay Kits

QuickScout Screening Assist™ TR-FRET kits are Ready-To-Run tools designed for measuring inhibitor activity in a kinase assay based on Time Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer. Our kits save you time and effort when developing your target assay and contribute to obtaining high quality data.

Our QSS Assist™ TR-FRET kit includes assay buffer, Carna's protein kinase, and ATP/ULight™ labeled substrate peptide combined with metal cofactor. By following our Kit protocol, you can readily perform your kinase assay of interest and generate high quality data. The ATP concentration in the kit is fixed around the Km value determined for each kinase. The kit minimum order volume is 400dp. Please prepare the Eu-labeled antibody according to our recommendation.

Available Kinase
Kit Components
Protein Kinase
Substrate Mixture
Assay Buffer
Protocol using ULight™ labeled substrate
Protocol using biotinylated substrate

The dilution ratio is different by kinase.

Minimum Scale
400dp (Equivalent to 384 well x 1 plate)