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Samples Shipping Instructions

  Ship to:
Attention: Kohichiro Yoshino
BMA 3F 1-5-5 Minatojima-Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0047 Japan
TEL: +81 78-302-7091 / FAX: +81 78-302-7086

Choose a courier or suitable shipping service with demonstrated experience with international shipments. To decrease Customs duties or delays on shipments to Japan, please indicate on the package that the materials are 'For Laboratory Purposes Only, Not for Human Consumption, and of No Commercial Value.' Make sure the samples are stored at the correct temperature during transport. Refill of dry ice in case of any unexpected delays must be ensured by your shipping service.

Please provide the completed QuickScout™ Selectivity Profiling Service Application Form (MS Excel, Electric Version) via E-mail prior to shipping and enclose a copy with your shipment. Carna Biosciences will notify via phone, Fax, or E-mail when your samples arrive at our facility.

Sample Preparation

The volume of samples required for testing varies with the number and types of assays selected.
Please supply samples in 100% DMSO at 100X the highest test concentration.

  Volume required :  [MSA/IMAP™ Study] ≦100 target kinases = 500uL
    >100 target kinases = 1000uL
  [ADP-Glo™ Study] 200uL
  [ELISA Study] 300uL

If your samples do not meet our requirements (i.e. 10mM DMSO solution, solid form), please consult us. Also, please provide us the Safety Data Sheet (SDS, or cautions for sample handling), disposal instruction, and any special solubilization instructions if available.

Samples submitted as solids must be shipped pre-weighed with the accurate molecular weight, quantity shipped and purity recorded on this Application Form. Please provide sample(s) in a vessel deep enough to accommodate 5mM* DMSO solution. An additional charge may apply if a large number of samples are supplied as powders. We do not weigh customer samples. Please consult us prior to shipment.
(*in case of >50uM test concentration, please contact us in advance) 


Unless otherwise directed by the client, samples are solubilized and diluted with dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) to achieve 100-fold higher concentration than the final test concentrations. This Solution is stored at -10 to -30 Celsius. This solution is further diluted into 4% DMSO to achieve a 4-fold higher concentration than the final test concentrations. The addition of reagents used in the assay further dilutes the sample solution by 4-fold, so that the final DMSO concentration in the assay is 1%. If you have determined that your samples are insoluble in 100% DMSO, 4% DMSO, or require special handling, please consult us in prior to shipping.


Unless otherwise indicated on the QuickScout™ Selectivity Profiling Service Application Form, by the client, residuals will be disposed after three (3) months from completion of the study. Residuals can be returned to the client upon request, at the client's expense.

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