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Service Flow of MSA/IMAP™ and ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay Services

Enter into Agreement &
Submit an Application Form

Receive Compounds

Perform Assay

Deliver Study Report

1. Agreement and Application

A Confidential Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, or Service Agreement may be executed between your organization and Carna, prior to discussing your inquiry or profiling service order.
Once you're ready to place an order, please fill out the Application Form, and send to us as an attachment via e-mail to, BEFORE sending us your compounds.
Please use the most current, specific, Application Form downloaded from our web site relevant to the service requested. Older versions are NOT acceptable.
Detailed information describing assay conditions for each kinase can be found in our latest Kinase Profiling Book.

2. Sample Preparation

Please prepare your test samples according to the instructions on the Application Form and Sample Shipping Instruction page. If your samples do not meet our requirements, please consult us prior to shipping your compounds.

3. Receipt of Samples

Upon arrival at Carna, your samples are carefully checked for labeling, quantity, volume, and any possible damage. We will send you a "receipt of sample" notification once this is completed.

4. Assays

We launch new studies on Mondays for all compound samples received by 16:00 JST on Wednesday of the preceding week. For more details, please check our Annual Service Schedule. (Some irregularity may occur on holidays or as a result of equipment maintenance).

5. Study Report

At the completion of your study, our prompt study report in PDF and raw data in Excel will be sent to you via E-mail with a password. The original copy of study report (PDF) will be delivered via FedEx later. The turnaround time is around 1-2 weeks.

Please contact us with questions and/or for more information!