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Compound(s) Requirements

Required Volume and Other Information

All compound(s) must be provided as 200X or 1,000X stock solution dissolved in 100% DMSO. The minimum required volume is 250uL. If your compound(s) does not meet the above requirement, please contact us in prior to scheduling of shipment.

Scheduling of Compound Shipments

In order to provide the best possible service and results, we require advance notification of the ship date and tracking number associated with your compounds.

1. Please ship your compound(s) out to the following address to be delivered during US work week.

Cell Assay Innovations (CAI)
Attn. Liping Wu
27 Strathmore Rd.
TEL : +1 (508) 878-0119

Please provide us with the name of your chosen carrier and the shipment tracking number as soon as available by emailing us at

2. All necessary paperwork such as Purchase Order, completed Service Application, and other requested documents must be provided to us no later than preceding your compound shipment. The paperwork should be emailed to us at

For shipment, choose courier or other suitable shipping service, with demonstrated experience at the customs. To decrease customs duties or delays on overseas shipments, please indicate on the package that the materials are "for laboratory purposes only, not for human consumption, and of no commercial value."
Make sure that the samples are stored in freeze condition during the transportation.
Refill of dry ice in case of any unexpected delays must be ensured.
Carna Biosciences will notify the sample arrival via phone, fax, or E-mail.

Compound Storage

Compound(s) will be stored at -80 Centigrade prior to study initiation. If special handling is required, please contact us in advance.

Return of Compound(s)

Compound(s) cannot be returned at the present time. Following completion of the study, compound(s) will be stored at 4 Centigrade for 2 weeks and thereafter disposed following guidelines for chemical reagents.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

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