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ClariCELL™ Kinase Cell-Based Assay Services

Screen and profile your kinase inhibitors directly in cells using our ClariCELL™ Kinase Cell-Based Assay Services, developed by Cell Assay Innovations, Inc. (MA, USA). The ClariCELL™ kinase assay platform is a unique system that directly quantifies specific kinase phosphorylation activity in the physiologically relevant context of human cells. It features transient expression of full length kinases in HEK293 cells and quantification of phosphorylation by conventional antibody-based detection. Utilize our available assays for lead optimization, selectivity profiling, or mechanism of action studies, or contact us about customized assay development in singleplex or multiplex format.
Benefits of Our Approach
  • Cell-Based Assays for Serine/Threonine and Tyrosine Kinases
  • Direct Detection of Phosphorylation Events Useful for primary screening, lead optimization, and selectivity profiling
  • Physiologically Relevant Cells Expressing Full Length Kinases
  • Multiplexing Capability Simultaneous measurement of targets of interest, including drug-resistant mutants
  • Flexibility Choice of kinase(s) and cells of interest
CAI's ClariCELL™ Kinase Cell-Based Assays

Our approach features transient expression of full length human kinase(s) of interest in human cells, then quantification of protein substrate phosphorylation levels by conventional antibody-based detection. In addition to potency determinations, this system helps to reveal mechanism of action of our compounds.

Our streamlined processing also allows for dramatically reduced assay development time and affordable screening rates.

CAI's ClariCELL™ Kinase Cell-Based Assays & Kits
Tyrosine Kinases
Name of Kinase ClariCELL™
ClariCELL™ Assay Kit
Availability Format CAI's Cat No.
ABL1 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1010
ABL1 [E255V] (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1011
ABL1 [T315I] (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1012
BTK (datasheet) (manual) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1001
(manual) 384-well ELISA CK-01-1001-384
BTK [C481S] (datasheet) (manual) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1002
(manual) 384-well ELISA CK-01-1002-384
BTK [T474A] (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1003
384-well ELISA CK-01-1003-384
BTK [T474M] (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1004
384-well ELISA CK-01-1004-384
BMX (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1330
EphB4 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1020
FGFR1 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1030
HCK (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1360
HER2 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1420
ITK (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1370
ITK (mouse) (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1371
JAK1 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1050
JAK2 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1060
JAK2 [V617F] (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1061
JAK3 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1070
JAK3 [Y981F] (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1071
KDR (VEGFR2) (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1040
LCK (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1080
TAK1 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1510
TEC (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1090
TXK (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1440
TYK2 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1170
Serine/Threonine Kinases
Name of Kinase ClariCELL™
ClariCELL™ Assay Kit
Availability Format CAI's Cat No.
AKT1 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1100
DCLK2 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1470
DYRK1A (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1110
MLK3 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1500
MST1 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1120
pCRMP2 (CDK5) (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1520
PDK1 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1130
PIM1 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1140
PIM2 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1150
PIM3 (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1160
pPP1a (CDK1) (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1530
pRb (CDK2) (datasheet) 96-well ELISA CK-01-1540
About CAI

Cell Assay Innovations (MA, USA) is a biotechnology company dedicated to cell-based assay technology development and innovation. We provide services for screening and assay developmet using our proprietary post-translational modification platform, ClariCELL™ or using methodology specified by our drug discovery customers. Data from these assays assist researchers to advance safer and more effective molecules to the clinic.

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