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NanoBRET™ TE Intracellular Kinase Cell-Based Assay Service Flow

Service Flow

1. Enter into Agreement
Confidential Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, or Service Agreement will be concluded between a customer and Carna, if requested.
Please fill out a service application form, and then send it to us by e-mail before sending your compounds to us.
Click here for Application Form & Sample

For detailed information about assay conditions, please contact us.
2. Study Schedule
Studies are initiated every Monday for all samples received by 16:00 JST on Thursday of the preceding week.
3. Receipt of Compounds
Please prepare your compounds according to the Compound Requirement Instructions.
At the time of arrival, we check each sample carefully (name, qty, and damage) then send the receipt to you for your confirmation.
4. Turnaround
IC50 and % inhibition : 2weeks after receiving compounds
Residence Time Analysis : 3weeks after dose setting
5. Study Report
A written final report in PDF is prepared at the completion of each study. The report contains experimental methods, summarizes the complete data set in tabular form, and presents detailed graphs for each compound evaluated. The report also contains data for the reference standards deployed to validate the activity of each assay. All raw data are provided in Excel file.
6. Residual Compound
Following the completion of the study, residual compound(s) are stored at -20℃ for 12 weeks and destroyed unless otherwise directed in advance.
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