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List of Available Kinases (ADP-Glo™ )

Measurements against a range of lipid kinases are performed on ADP-Glo™ assay platform. ATP concentration is set at Km bin. The turnaround time is around 2 weeks after receiving your compounds. For its study schedule, please refer to Schedule for Carna's Profiling Services. To order services, please fill out our exclusive Application Form, and send it to us via E-mail.

Target Name Group Available Services
(Assay Platform: ADP-Glo™ )
(Carna Cat No.)
BTN-PIK3CA/PIK3R1 Lipid Km bin. 11-401-20N  
BTN-PIK3CB/PIK3R1 Lipid Km bin. 11-402-20N  
BTN-PIK3CD/PIK3R1 Lipid Km bin. 11-403-20N  
PIKFYVE(PIP5K3) Lipid Km bin. 11-118  
PIP4K2A Lipid Km bin. 11-115  
PIP4K2B Lipid Km bin. 11-116  
PIP5K1A Lipid Km bin. 11-111  
PIP5K1B Lipid Km bin. 11-112  
PIP5K1C Lipid Km bin. 11-113  
PIP5KL1 Lipid Km bin. 11-114  
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