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Mobility Shift Assay(MSA)/IMAP™ Kinase Assay Services

Mobility Shift Assays/IMAP™ assays directly monitor phosphorylation by measuring the non-phosphorylated and phosphorylated substrate in the kinase reaction. The potency and selectivity of your compounds are assessed against target kinases you select. All kinases utilized in our assays are produced and guaranteed to be of highest quality, enabling us to deliver high quality data to you. The ATP concentration in our assays is set around the Km value. For enhanced understanding of selectivity and allosterism, many assays have also been validated using 1mM ATP. For slow binding compounds, we offer assays pre-incubating the kinase with your compounds.

Both IC50 determinations and the percent inhibition ratio of your compounds, against any targets in our panel, are offered. Please refer to our Kinase Profiling Book to view assay conditions for each kinase and our annual calendar showing our assay schedules. We collect information on your compounds and the study type requested using our QuickScout(TM) Application Form. We request this be emailed to us as an attachment to If you have questions on our assay conditions or any other questions, please contact us. If your target of interest is a lipid kinase, please visist ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay Services page and complete our ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay Service Form.

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Select By ATP Concentration

In addition to approximating the ATP Km, many assays are also available using 1mM ATP. Investigations at 1mM ATP may help understand and predict your compound's behavior in a physiologic environment. Differential selectivity profile of sunitinib at Km vs. 1mM ATP kinase assay is mapped below.

Kinase assays validated at 1mM ATP can be found on the All Kinase Targets page.

Select By Preincubation Option

For better understanding of slow binding compounds, our Preincubation Service is a good option. This service incorporates a thirty (30) minute room temperature preincubation of target kinase with your test compound(s) prior to perform an IC50 determination study in our standard Mobility Shift Assay.

Time course of p38α inhibitors (ATP=1mM)
Structurally unrelated SB202190 and BIRB796 are potent inhibitors of p38α.
BIRB796 interacts with p38α in a manner different from SB202190, and itsbinding induces a slow conformational change that locks the protein into an inactive conformation. The potency of BIRB796 increases with prolonged incubation, which is easily detected utilizing the pre-incubation service.

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Detailed Assay Conditions
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