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QuickScout™ TK Panel ver. 2.0

TK 20 Kinases

QuickScout™ STK Panel ver. 2.0 of 20 Pre-Selected Tyrosine Kinases is comprised of both receptor and non-receptor TKs and is offered to help you to rapidly screen your compounds against druggable and clinically relevant kinases. Identification and optimization of small molecular inhibitors against many of the targets in our 20 TK Panel has led to the development of first and second generation therapeutics for the treatment of diseases such as leukemia and cancers of the lung, breast, and kidney. Contact us to learn more about this Panel and how we can help you identify the clinical potential of your compounds.

Target Name Group Source
(Carna Cat No.)
ABL(ABL1) Cytoplasmic Tyrosine 08-001  
CSK Cytoplasmic Tyrosine 08-111  
EGFR Receptor Tyrosine 08-115  
EPHA2 Receptor Tyrosine 08-121  
EPHB4 Receptor Tyrosine 08-131  
FGFR1 Receptor Tyrosine 08-133  
FLT3 Receptor Tyrosine 08-154  
IGF1R Receptor Tyrosine 08-141  
ITK Cytoplasmic Tyrosine 08-181  
JAK3 Cytoplasmic Tyrosine 08-046  
KDR Receptor Tyrosine 08-191  
LCK Cytoplasmic Tyrosine 08-170  
MET Receptor Tyrosine 08-151  
PDGFRα(PDGFRA) Receptor Tyrosine 08-157  
PYK2 (PTK2B) Cytoplasmic Tyrosine 08-138  
SRC Cytoplasmic Tyrosine 08-173  
SYK Cytoplasmic Tyrosine 08-176  
TIE2 (TEK) Receptor Tyrosine 08-185  
TRKA (NTRK1) Receptor Tyrosine 08-186  
TYRO3 Receptor Tyrosine 08-109  
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